Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sunshine in a cup

I choose to wake up 2.5 hours before I have to be at work.
And to wake up to the sound of Janis/Joss/Melissa wailing Cry Cry Baby.
It's freezing cold outside, so I open up every window in my flat
and let the fresh air do its stuff.
I water my plants while I salute the early morning light
and its beautiful red streaks all over my city.
And after a dull attempt at sit-ups,
I jump into a steaming-hot shower, where I lather up my hair
while dancing to an excellent mix of 80's beats.
And then I make myself a coffee.
A good one.
Just to make a fresh start.
Is it a waste of time?
...of sleeping time?
It's just me.
And my way of living...


Blogger Abril_de_otoño said...

mmmmmmmmmmm debe ser que no entiendo nada en ingles jeejejejje


2:02 PM  

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